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Pool Update 8/01/16
Posted on Aug 3rd, 2016

We hope everyone is enjoying the pool, we know it opened a little late but it seems like the wait was well worth it!  There has been some confusion about the hours at the pool.  This note hopes to clear up any confusion.  Please take a moment to read the following points and also please relay the rules to everyone living in your household, especially any teenagers.
The pool hours are 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Everyone at the pool is expected to be completely out of the pool area no later than 10:15 PM.
Anyone found to be at the pool past 10:15 PM is subject to police intervention, a trespassing charge and loss of pool privileges for at least the rest of the swim season.  The video surveillance system actively alerts the board if anyone is around or in the pool past 10:15 PM.  This system has helped identify and address 5 cases of afterhours swimming and some vandalism in just the past 5 weeks.  The board is done issuing warnings, please make this clear to any kids in your household.
Fence jumping is forbidden for any reason.  There is a zero tolerance policy on this, the police will be involved as well as trespassing and damage (if any) charges will be filed.  Pool privileges will also be revoked for the remainder of the year.  The fence is not safe for jumping, this policy is in place to help prevent damage to the fence and avoid injury to anyone that tries to jump the fence.
There is no smoking within the pool fence area.
There are no pets allowed at the pool. 
We’ve also had some confusion on the pool gate locking.  The gate needs to shut with a little force.  Letting the gate open all the way and then swing shut by itself will allow the latch to lock.  This latch will not lock if the gate is gently closed to avoid a slam.  It’s a “strike latch” which requires a little force to make it activate.  Unlike the old pool gate, this gate slamming shut will not hurt anyone so please let it close on its own.
If you leave the pool (regardless of the time of day) and no one else is there please ensure the gate locks behind you and the ceiling fans and/or lights are turned off.
If anyone can help with watering at the pool the new landscaping is really thirsty this summer, please contact Ann Grzeskowiak at 513-313-5085
Please like the Cherokee Estates HOA page on Facebook for more effective and timely communication!
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